Sport and Fitness

Premium Nutrition for Health, Sport and Fittness

Power for the top and mass sports.

Thanks to the unique patented concepts, the products provide optimum nutrient supply to the cells and, above all, provide the athletes with the certainty that the products will not be doped. For this purpose, the products are regularly examined for doping-relevant substances and are also listed on the “Cologne List”, which is a kind of whitelist for doping-free products. However, the products not only help in elite sports but also in mass sports. The sports catalog gives a small insight into testimonials of satisfied athletes, if you are interested we will send you a copy of the catalog.

Sports products for sports enthusiasts, professionals and those who want to become one

In the field of sports, various products such as energy bars, fitness drinks and more are offered. Depending on the sport different combinations and options are possible. If you have any questions, we are available for a personal interview or forward you to our sports experts in the team.